About Texas Investor Homes

Ron BlackWe provide creative opportunities for you to invest in NEW CONSTRUCTION. We focus almost exclusively on Brand New, rent-ready houses, model home leasebacks, town homes and cash flow opportunities that generate 18% returns.

Our market areas are Dallas-Ft Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Everything we do is designed to present a "Turn-Key" investment opportunity to our clients. We have the opportunities, properties, property management, -tenants, and the financing resources in a complete package. We strive for CASH FLOW with every opportunity.

We currently have many opportunities available that can provide you with positive cash flow potential for years. We have properties and other investment opportunities available for Investors in almost every niche: interim construction loans for investors, single family homes, model home leasebacks, multi-family, duplexes and fourplexes.

Ron Black

is a licensed Texas BROKER and President of Texas Investor Homes. He is known as the leading New Construction Investing authority in the country. Ron develops advanced investment strategies for smaller, passive investors using NEW Construction investment strategies. He creatively applies these strategies to creative lending for investors, single family and multi-family home investment opportunities and makes these turn-key opportunities available to small investors all over the country.

With over 100 investment transactions yearly, Ron brings Investors turn-key opportunities with brand new construction CASH FLOW programs and brand new rental homes in key locations around Texas based on cash flow, stability, rental income and renter demand. His specialty programs for small and large investors are Lending Private funds to Builders such as Interim Construction loans yielding ~18% APR, Model Home/Builder Leasebacks, and New Construction rental home sales to small Investors.

Ron's superb relationship with builders provides his Investors unique and fresh opportunities in all major markets across Texas and in other select parts of the country.

Whether you are new to real estate investing or a seasoned pro, we consult with hundreds of investors and potential real estate investors every year. Let us put our experience to work for you. We will match you with an investment opportunity that fits your style of investing and your level of investment experience. We are just like you, hard working entrepreneurs looking for great value and someone you can trust to help you along the way.

Ron's motto is: Let's be Investors, Not Landlords

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison

Start by filling out the Information Request Form and we will contact you with a selection of properties that meet your specific requirements. By filling out the form there is no obligation to do anything other than provide information. Your information is NEVER shared with anyone outside our company. Even if you do not know what you are looking for at this point, we can suggest properties depending on your investment horizon and goals. We do this every day and we know what most investors want- cash flow AND appreciation!

If your financial goals and dreams, like ours, were once misled into the so-called "stock market," then come join us in Texas Real Estate Investing. Our staff rolls up their sleeves every day to find the best buys in brand new real estate in Texas. Let us do the "hard work" so that you can take advantage of this great Texas-size opportunity!