Why Texas?

Many investors are coming to Texas because they are looking for upward appreciation. Many areas of the country are at "bubble stage". Not here. Our price point is ideally positioned to give you reliable appreciation for years to come.

If you are considering moving some/most or all of your cash reserves into real estate or using a 1031 exchange to add to your portfolio, Texas is the place. The areas in Texas where we invest have a higher degree of likely appreciation than most. Don't just invest in Texas, invest in the "correct areas in Texas".

Every investor has different ideas about Texas and the potential here. Share your thoughts and ideas with us!

Another VERY important point about Texas real estate is that your home town REALTOR is likely already doing business here. Most of our referrals come from REALTORS in other states. Many REALTORS from other states even buy their personal investment homes from us here in Texas. They have such a great experience that they then refer their own clients to us. Don't wait on a referral. Contact us today!